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Our wedding bouquets are inspired by the beauty of old English gardens.  We will tie the bouquet for you according to the agreement in selected colors and in accordance with the type of wedding dress. Our bouquets are tied from absolutely fresh flowers without chemical treatment, so you don't have to worry about sticking your nose into them. We tie bouquets exclusively from seasonal flowers grown on our farm, so the selection of individual species depends on the time of year - for example, dahlias are usually available from the beginning of August until the first frost. 

Wedding bouquet 2023

  • You can pick up the bouquet directly at the farm in Sadská, or we will deliver it   for 500 CZK in Prague, Praha Východ district, Nymburk district, Kolín district and Hradec Králové.

  • Flowers from our farm are grown without the use of any synthetic chemicals and packaged without the use of plastics and chemicals to extend the life of the flowers. When growing, we pay attention to the quality of the soil in which the plants grow and the favorable conditions for the invertebrate animals on the farm. We harvest the flowers immediately before dispatch so that they arrive to you as fresh as possible. Our employees are paid fairly. A bouquet of our flowers will last 5-10 days in your vase with good care.

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