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Luxurious flowers from a local farm

Radost Permaculture Farm

Your enjoyment of our flowers is what drives us forward.

Hello, my name is Denisa Tomášková and together with my large family we grow first-class cut flowers for you.







We are a small family farm in Polabí, where grain and vegetables for Prague have been grown since ancient times. Today we grow flowers here, which we ship around the Central Bohemian and Hradec Králové region. 

Our season starts on April 1st, but preparations for it have been going on since the autumn of the previous year. On the farm, we prepare beds, pre-grow seedlings and plant basically all winter. During spring, summer and part of autumn, you can buy seasonal fresh flowers from us, and in winter we create Christmas wreaths and dry ties for interior decoration. The season of fresh flowers ends with the first frost, which usually comes in late September.

We run our farm in such a way as to support natural natural processes and create good conditions for plants, people working on the farm, as well as small animals and insects. In order to have a healthy ecosystem in the garden, we only use natural natural methods of fertilization and plant protection. We fertilize our beds with compost, vermicompost and plant manure, we use mechanical barriers, mostly fine nets and plant bags to protect against pests. We also support natural predators of pests that help us maintain balance in the garden.

For people's pleasant and efficient work, we created a permaculture farm design that helped us simplify work and improve the quality of plants.

We pay special attention to the care of soil that we do not dig. Our plants are grown in a so-called regenerative way, which leaves the soil alive, healthy and prosperous. We plant, weed and harvest the flowers by hand. 

We harvest the flowers several times a week during the season and usually deliver them to you the next day after harvesting.


Our flowers are not treated with any chemical means before shipping, so their development continues naturally and if they receive fresh water every day, they usually last 5-14 days in the vase, depending on the type.

Our flower arrangements are inspired by old English gardens. We grow many kinds of flowers on the farm,   including lilies, dahlias and fragrant English roses. In the spring you will see many types of tulips, buttercups and daffodils here. Every year we select the newest varieties of annuals that make bouquets special from early summer to autumn. In late summer and early autumn, we focus on a varied palette of dahlias.

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